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7 Sacred Symbols Assignment


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Spirit Nudges: Proof That Spirit Is Never Far Away

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OM Symbol 
Painting 'The Creation'  
14" x 18"  Acrylic Painting Original

Om (Aum) is thought to be the sound (vibration) which the Great Creator spoke to create
the Universe.  It was the first Divine utterance in a vast void. 

Om is rebirthing at this time ...........(order Spirit Nudges to read the full messages)


Maya with Diamonds
10" x 12"    
Acrylic Oil on Canvas with clear top coat.
some metallic paint used and when the light is right she
actually seems to GLOW

I was sketching one day and this lady actually drew herself on the page!
I asked her what her name was and she said,

         "My name is Maya.  I come to awaken the sleeping eye."

Maya is the Goddess of Illusion who ............ (order Spirit Nudges to read full messages)


10" x 12"      
Acrylic Painting with clear top coat.

Believe me I would not have chosen this as one of the 7 Sacred Symbols
if I had had the choice.  I know how controversial this symbol has been in
the past and will continue to be for many many years. 

The Tetra-Gammadion has its earliest recorded references about 5000 years ago.....

A right facing Tetra Gammadion represents the evolution of the Universe!
...........(order Spirit Nudges to read full messages.)


The Eye "Consciousness"
36" x 48"
acrylic oils on canvas
metallic paints used so the look of the painting changes
depending on the time of day or the light available.

The EYE is a symbol of conscious awareness...................(Order Spirit Nudges to read full messages.)
Elohim Cyclopea?


Puja - Unity of the Ascended Masters
approx. 20" x 40"
acrylic on canvas

This has been the hardest of all the paintings so far.  It really has felt like
giving birth!  The Unity contains the cosmic energy of the Chohans of
each of the 7 rays....... ...........(Order Spirit Nudges to read full messages.)

From the e-book -
.....I just sat there in the silence and wondered what to expect next? 
As I sat there, in the conservatory, a door of white light opened up and ...



 Peacock Feather - The Symbol of the Avatar
3' x 4' acrylic  metallic paint on canvas

An Avatar is a divine being who has come into a physical embodiment to assist on the physical plane. 

The peacock feather is said to have been worn in the hair of the first ..... 

  (Order Spirit Nudges to read full messages.)

From the e-book: 
On one path there is a prayer written in Angelic text which says......


The Master's Staff

3' x 4' metallic acrylic on canvas

from the e-book:
....and Spirit said to  me, "You were allowed to see The Master." ....... (Order Spirit Nudges to read full messages.)

Thank you for your interest and you may contact me to discuss the series by email or at my office in the UK  + 44 161 343 3833

I wish you BLESSINGS of GREAT Joy & Peace on your journey!!



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7 Sacred Symbols Assignment eShop